140/145 Reproduction Amplifier

Tropical Fish hand-wires a tube Wurlitzer replacement amplifier that will bring your Wurlitzer 140, 140A, 140B, 145 146, 720A, or 720B back to life.  Our amplifier uses currently available tube types (6CA4, two 7868 & two 12AX7), eliminating the problem of sourcing new replacements. Our amplifier also comes with a fully rebuilt control harness, which helps to drastically cut down on noise associated with control wiring.  

After numerous repairs on 140B solid state amps we have discovered that the majority of these amps have critical issues for which replacement parts simply do not exist.  Likewise, the 145 amp uses an out of production tube type making the inevitable task of replacing it very expensive and tricky.

Here are some features you can expect in our amp:

  • Warm tube sound

  • Easy to source tube compliment

  • Rugged build

  • Tube bias vibrato, external speaker output, grounded power cable

  • High-end, modern and fresh components

  • Easy install


How to buy

Our amplifier will be available in the Shop Gear page of this website soon.   We are working hard to  mainstream production of this amp and keep the price as low as possible.  The completeness of the range of components necessary for this amp are what dictate the end price.  


Hear the Amp