Harmony Tube Amp Complete Single Ended Rebuild

Harmony Tube Amp Complete Single Ended Rebuild


The vintage cabinet, speaker and cool powder coated blue chassis may read “Harmony 303A” but the amplifier is a completely new point to point rebuild. It features hi & lo inputs, a boost switch, a preamp out and an LED power indicator.

The new components used in this amp include Classic Tone power and output transformers, new EHX 6V6 and 12AX7 tubes and robust analog rectifier diodes.

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This amp is now light-weight, portable and packed with tone. It makes an excellent studio amp, which can be easily mic’d or sent to a console directly through the Preamp out 1/4” located on the chassis. Here are some at a glance features of the amp:

  • Tube power and preamp stages

  • Analog diode rectifier

  • Hi & lo inputs

  • Boost gain switch

  • 8” Vintage ceramic speaker

  • Original cabinet, tolex, grille cloth, leather handle & chassis for a cool vintage look