Vesper Hand Wired Tube Guitar Amplifier (Birch)

Vesper Hand Wired Tube Guitar Amplifier (Birch)

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The Vesper is an original, all-tube guitar amplifier housed in an ultramodern, minimalist cabinet. Handmade with the highest quality audio-grade components and premium exotic plywood, the Vesper is as functional as it is beautiful.

The Vesper is made from Baltic birch, a type of dense plywood that is excellent for audio applications. The final layer is a sheet of birch that has been hand-selected for the quality of its wood grain. Walnut and teak finishes are also available.

All Vesper amplifiers are hand-made and hand-wired. The lead time is currently 3 weeks.

Questions about the Vesper? Talk directly to its designers by visiting our contact page. Or, if you’re in the New York metro area, make an appointment to stop by our studio and play our demo amp by calling (914) 337-0909.

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The Vesper is an all-tube guitar amplifier that combines an innovative exterior design with a classic analog circuit. Handmade and handwired, the Vesper is made one amp at a time from hand-selected materials. But it isn't just beautiful: the Vesper has a warm, versatile sound that is surprisingly powerful given its compact size.

  • All-tube, 20 watt combo amplifier

  • 10” Jensen Vintage Alnico speaker

  • Volume & Tone

  • Choose tremolo or reverb

  • Two 7868 output tubes for Class AB operation

  • Tube complement includes (1) 6CA4, (2) 12AX7, (2) 7868

  • Hi and Lo inputs

About the Vesper Amplifier

Detailed Specifications

Hand-wired construction. The Vesper’s point-to-point circuit is completely hand-wired. It uses high-end audio components that are designed for low-noise operation. While inspired by our experience restoring and modifying vintage amplifiers, the Vesper’s contemporary engineering ensures its reliable performance.

All-tube circuit, including tube rectifier. The heart of the Vesper’s power supply is its 6CA4 tube rectifier. The 6CA4 provides a consistent output reminiscent of the compression-like character of early tube amps, but without excessive sag.

Two 7868 power tubes for clean tone with plenty of volume. Originally intended for hifi amplifiers, the 7868 is a highly linear tube that was designed for low harmonic distortion. As a result, the 7868 offers a highly transparent sound that adopts the style of the player. The effect is tube warmth that is highly versatile and plays well with pedals.

The two 7868s are arranged in Class AB push-pull configuration for maximum efficiency. This provides power and fullness of tone that is not often found in such a compact cabinet.

Single tone control to modify treble and bass. The Vesper’s single tone knob is a bass control when turned left and a treble control when turned right. This allows the player to fine-tune his or her sound with just one control.

Optional onboard tremolo or reverb. After playing so many vintage amps from the surf era, we’ve concluded that tremolo should be built-in to every amplifier. For those who disagree, we also offer an all-tube reverb version using a 9” spring. The Vesper’s tube tremolo includes both speed and depth controls, while the reverb option has mix and dwell controls.

High-quality, audio-grade components. The components inside the Vesper were chosen for their reliability and low-noise characteristics. The Vesper comes stock with a Jensen P10R alnico speaker and paper-wound ClassicTone transformers.

Handmade, one-of-a-kind bent wood cabinet. Each Vesper cabinet is made from sheets of Baltic birch plywood, optionally finished with a layer of teak or walnut. Each sheet of wood has been hand-selected for the character of its wood grain, so that no two amplifiers are exactly alike. The process of steam-bending each cabinet is fully manual and requires 24 hours to complete. Once assembled, the cabinets are finished with a durable lacquer, ensuring its beauty for years.

The Hand-Wired Process

In a hand-wired amplifier, each component is soldered to the next manually. The opposite is an amp where all the components are mounted on a printed circuit board.

So which one sounds better? That’s a trick question. Hand-wiring and PCBs are simply styles of assembly. The ultimate quality of the amplifier depends on other factors, including layout, component quality, and of course the design of the circuit itself.

We chose to hand-wire the Vesper because we felt that our amplifier demanded it. Here’s why. Read more on our blog >>

Creating a Bent Wood Cabinet

When we decided to make our own original guitar amplifier, we knew that the cabinet had to be original as well. The first idea we had was to eliminate the corners, which are always a weak point where sound quality is concerned. We also dreamed of a cabinet with a minimalist appearance that showcased the natural materials that it was made with. Read more about our handmade bent-wood cabinet on our blog >>

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