Repair & Restoration

Tropical Fish restores and repairs vintage keyboards, amplifiers and guitars. For examples of our work, check out our current listings and make sure to check out the progress photos in the gallery below. We repair and restore everything that we sell in-house.

Here is a list of some of the repairs we can perform and gear we specialize in:

  • Electronic Keyboards. We specialize in Wurlitzer & Rhodes action resetting, key easing, action resetting, reed/tine replacement, mechanical restoration, tolex replacement, intonation & cleaning. We can repair the internal amplifier or replace it with a new amp.

  • Tube & Early Solid State Guitar Amplifiers. We can assess the health of your vintage amplifier, replace circuit components, and restore exterior cosmetics. If your amp has hum, low output, malfunctioning reverb/tremolo, or simply doesn't turn on anymore, we can fix it.

  • Acousic & Electric Guitar Setup - Our tech services regularly handles issues with guitars such as poor action, buzzing frets, electronic connection issues, warped necks or mechanical problems.


How Our Rates Work

Repairs are $85/hour, plus the cost of parts (if required). We will give you a reasonably accurate estimate before we begin repairs. Flat rates are available for extensive repair work. Most of the time, we can offer a quote over the phone. However, if your problem requires an in-person diagnostic, a $45 bench fee applies. If you decide to go forward with the work, the entire bench diagnostic fee is applied towards the cost of the repair.

Basic Keyboard Servicing

This service is intended to bring a keyboard up to optimal playing condition. Symptoms like sticking keys, poor intonation, lagging action and electronic issues all warrant a basic servicing. Keyboards that have been out of service for longer periods of time, are in more advanced states of disrepair or are significantly out of tune will require more time to get into good serviceable playing condition. It is best to provide us with detailed information on your instrument or bring it in for a diagnosis.


Basic keyboard servicing includes:

  • Complete action disassembly and easing

  • Thorough interior cleaning

  • Key cleaning & easing

  • Mechanical regulation

  • Intonation

  • Electronics inspection & repair


A keyboard that is in playable shape and has good intonation but is exhibiting some of the above mentioned symptoms can go through our Basic Keyboard Servicing in 4 hours.

small fixes

Happy with how your keyboard is playing but have a specific service issue that needs attention? We are certainly willing to lend our expertise and address just that issue. No service call is too small!

NYC - All boroughs

House calls - $35 plus our normal rate.

Pickup & delivery Wurlitzer 200/100 series or stage Rhodes - $35 each way.

Pickup & delivery Wurlitzer 700 series or suitcase Rhodes - $45 each way.

Parking at the delivery/pickup location must be coordinated by the customer otherwise the pickup/delivery will be ‘curb-side’.

Outside of NYC

Contact us for delivery, pickup and house call fees.

Request a Quote

To request a quote or for more information, please give us a call at (914) 337-0909 or fill out the form below.

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