Sell or Trade Your Gear

Have something you would like to trade in towards the purchase of one of our items?  Or simply want to free us some space in your gear room for cash?  Sell us your gear or trade it in for something new. To get started, describe your gear using the form below or give us a call at (914) 337-0909.

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Things we don't buy

  • Acoustic pianos. We love a good Wurlitzer spinet, but unfortunately can't buy them at this time. 
  • Hammond or other large organs. However, we are interested in combo organs such as the Vox Continental.
  • Speaker cabinets. Unless you're also selling the matching amp, of course. 
  • Amplifiers manufactured more recently than about 1980 or so. 
  • Drum kits. However, if all you have is a vintage snare or cymbal, we could be interested. 

Things We Buy

  • Electronic pianos & combo organs. Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Crumar, Farfisa, Hohner Clavinets & Pianets, Vox Continentals, Korg CX-3 etc. 
  • Guitar & bass amplifiers. Tube amps of all brands, manufactured before about 1980. Certain solid state amps. 
  • Other amplifiers. This includes vintage keyboard amps and tube PAs. 
  • Guitars & basses. This includes lap and pedal steel guitars. Small or short-scale basses are also welcome. 
  • Vintage effects pedals, reverb units, etc. 

selling & trading faq


What do we purchase?

We're mostly interested in gear from around 1940 through 1985 or so. We prefer electric to acoustic instruments. Rare or unusual is definitely a plus. We've compiled a list above of what we're currently interested in buying, and it's by no means comprehensive. If you have something you'd think we'd like, try us! 

My amp/keyboard/guitar doesn't work. Will you still buy it?  

We are willing to purchase gear that isn't in 100% working condition. Let us know what the issue is and we'll make you an offer. 

I have an amp/keyboard/guitar that I think you'll be interested in. Can I ship it to you? 

If you can't make it to our store, we may be able to arrange freight or pickup. Contact us to discuss. 

Can you tell me more about this amp/keyboard/guitar that I have? I'm not sure if I want to sell it. I don't know much about it. 

Sure! We love to talk gear. Send us some photos and we'll try our best to identify what you have. Note that we cannot offer formal appraisals for insurance purposes.