Rhodes Mark II Stage 73

Rhodes Mark II Stage 73

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Heard on countless recordings over the last 40 years, the Rhodes is the bigger (yet, in some ways, more subtle) counterpart to the Wurlitzer. The Mk II is the iconic redesign that first introduced the flat harp cover, allowing for smaller keyboards and synths to be stacked on top. Late-70s developments in the manufacture of its tines and keys make this model one of the most playable iterations of the Rhodes, without need for aftermarket modification.

This Rhodes has got it where it counts (and even where it doesn't?). It is a single-owner keyboard that was very well cared-for throughout its past life. The interior is among the cleanest, most near-mint we’ve ever seen. The exterior is very good as well, with only minor tears in the tolex across the rear and bottom of the case. Overall, this is an excellent example of a late-Mk II Rhodes.

Select “Tolex & Hardware” cosmetics upgrade if you would like us to re-tolex the entire keyboard, including the lid, and replace all latches, metal corners, and handle hardware.

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Throughout its approximately 20-year run, the Fender Rhodes underwent a handful of changes as its designers adjusted the feel and composition of the keyboard. This late-release Mk II is at the sweet spot of the Rhodes’ evolution. Thanks to the re-introduced key pedestal bump and improved tines, Rhodes of this period have an excellent feel and timbre. Other changes, such as the flat top and plastic keys, were intended to improve its functionality as a practical touring instrument.

This Rhodes was a single-owner instrument and saw very light use over the past several decades. Although it was briefly gigged with (and has a handful of tolex scars to prove it), it spent most of its time in climate-controlled storage. The clean, all-original interior proves that this instrument was well looked-after and never abused.

We have cleaned, tuned, and restored this Rhodes to optimum playability. It is now a highly functional instrument that is ready for the road once again.

Features of this keyboard include:

  • Tines and tone bars regulated and tuned

  • Tolex in excellent condition, with only minor tears on the rear and bottom

  • Lightweight plastic keys with factory-installed pedestal bump

  • Desirable late-model swaged tines

  • All pickups in working condition

  • Original legs, crossbars, harp cover, exterior lid and sustain pedal

  • Legs in good shape with minimal rust

  • Impeccably clean interior

Shipping and delivery. Due to the size of this Wurlitzer, even with the legs removed, it can only be shipped via freight within the continental United States. Delivery is available to addresses within 250 miles of New York City for an additional fee. Or, pick up this item at our Tuckahoe, NY studio, 20 miles outside of NYC.

Questions about this keyboard? We are happy to answer any questions that you might have about this keyboard. Or, play it for yourself by making an appointment to stop by our Tuckahoe studio. Contact us at jon@tropicalfishvintage.com for details.

About this Rhodes

Condition Notes

Cosmetics. This is a single-owner Rhodes that saw very light use over the years. The tolex is in great condition, with only small tears at the bottom and rear of the case. We can either glue these tears into place, or, for an additional charge, re-tolex the entire keyboard. The interior of the keyboard is excellent, reflecting the fact that, whenever it was not being played, this Rhodes was stored in a clean, climate-controlled environment. The legs and some of the hardware displays light rust.

Electronics. All pickups are in good working condition. The potentiometers are original and free of noise. The wiring is in good condition as well.

Mechanical parts. Consistent with this Rhodes’ light use, all of the mechanical parts are in excellent shape. The plastic keys and key bed are all intact and free from cracking or other structural problems. Felts and hammers are original, but still have substantial life in them. Because they are in such good shape, we did not replace them, but it is always an option for any customer that requires a truly mint feel.

Features of the late-model Rhodes Mk II

The mechanical action of the Rhodes is a highly simplified piano action - even moreso than the one found in the Wurlitzer. Although the Rhodes’ feel is more sensitive than most synthesizers or digital keyboards, its designers clearly prized practicality over acoustic-piano realism. Although Rhodes dating as far back as Pre-Piano prototypes definitely sound great and have an abundance of vintage style, the final release of the Mk II is, in many ways, where it all comes together.

Rhodes keyboards from 1981-1984 - like the one listed here - strike an excellent balance between responsive feel and low-maintenance functionality. For more information on the unique details of later Rhodes Mk II keyboards, continue reading here.

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