Wurlitzer 112 Electronic Piano

Wurlitzer 112 Electronic Piano

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This Wurlitzer 112 is the first commercially-available electronic piano. For the first time, musicians had the option of a keyboard that could be taken anywhere and played almost silently. Built to last, the 112 is still a functional instrument: impressive for a keyboard that hails from the 1950s and is a piece of musical history.

Our restoration of this Wurlitzer includes easing the action centers, setting the regulation, and cleaning the interior thoroughly. In this amplifier, we have redressed the wiring and replaced deteriorated components, increasing its reliability and lowering the noise floor. Although the action is not as responsive as Wurlitzer’s later keyboards, the 112’s early reeds and tube amplifier give it a one-of-a-kind sound.

Although the 112 lacks tremolo, its amplifier has a spacious topology that gave the user multiple inputs and outputs. We are able to optionally install an aux output or an fx loop using these existing holes in the chassis. This opens up limitless tonal options for the 112 without compromising its vintage appearance. Of course, we could also leave the amp original. Select your preference in the dropdown below.

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The Wurlitzer 112 was the beginning of the electronic piano as we know it. The idea of a portable piano that could be amplifier was revolutionary and a marvel of engineering. Built into a package that one person could move on their own, the 112 has five and a half octaves of piano keys, a simplified mechanical assembly to replicate the feel of a real piano, tone generators and a tube amplifier. Although much of the articulation found in a Wurlitzer 200 action assembly is not present in a 112, it plays wonderfully and offers plenty of vintage tone and feel.

This Wurlitzer 112 is in excellent condition for its age. Its classic 1950s speckled paint is in excellent condition, with only minor scuffs. Its clean interior indicates that it was never abused during its past life. The original legs, pedal, and music rack are present. Unfortunately, the original side-mounted sustain pedal has been lost. To make up for this (at least in part), we can modify the amplifier to insert an fx loop. This will at least give the user the option of reverb and other effects that can make the 112 sound like nothing else.

Features of this Wurlitzer 112 include:

  • Original speckled paint finish in excellent condition

  • Original legs, music rack, and lid

  • Early reeds give this keyboard a truly unique timbre

  • Overbuilt original tube amplifier perfect for modifying for aux out or an effects loop

  • Mechanical parts regulated and eased

  • Interior and exterior thoroughly cleaned

  • Reeds tuned & voiced

Shipping and delivery. Due to the size of this Wurlitzer, even with the legs removed, it can only be shipped via freight within the continental United States. Delivery is available to addresses within 250 miles of New York City for an additional fee. Or, pick up this item at our Tuckahoe, NY studio, 20 miles outside of NYC.

Questions about this keyboard? We are happy to answer any questions that you might have about this keyboard. Or, play it for yourself by making an appointment to stop by our Tuckahoe studio. Contact us at jon@tropicalfishvintage.com for details.

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