Wurlitzer 200 Electronic Piano

Wurlitzer 200 Electronic Piano


This classic 200-series Wurlitzer began its life as a student console keyboard, but now stands on four removable chrome legs for portability. As a student Wurlitzer, this keyboard originally had a “Self/Ensemble” output switch in place of a vibrato knob. In the course of restoring this keyboard, we have enabled the vibrato so that the amplifier now has full 200-series functionality. Because we love this Wurlitzer’s original vintage styling, we have left the original faceplate reading “Self/Ensemble/Speaker” where a conventional 200 would have a vibrato label - making it a secret vibrato control!

For a Wurlitzer 206 from the same extraordinarily preserved batch, but still mounted on its original console, click here.

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This electronic piano started its life as Wurlitzer 206, which is the student version of the 200. It has been converted into an authentic Wurlitzer 200. Instead of a cabinet, it stands on reproduction chrome legs. The amplifier is original and has been fully serviced. Vibrato and an aux output have been added in order to bring this keyboard to complete Wurlitzer 200 functionality.

The main difference between the 206 and the 200. is how the keyboard was used over the past 40+ years. Instead of being toured and gigged for most of its life, 206 models were played in schools by beginning and intermediate piano students. This means that they were better cared for than most Wurlitzers and saw very light use.

This is particularly true for the Wurlitzer shown here. It clearly spent many years stored in an indoor, climate-controlled environment and shows very few signs of wear. Now that we have placed this keyboard on chrome legs and enabled the vibrato, it is an exquisite example of a classic 200 Wurly!

Features of this keyboard include:

  • Restored original amplifier with full Wurlitzer 200 functionality

  • Vibrato and aux output present and enabled

  • Mechanical parts regulated and eased

  • Reeds tuned and voiced

  • Original faceplate with secret vibrato knob

  • Original 4x6” alnico speakers mounted in the amp rail

  • New reproduction Wurlitzer 200 chrome legs and music rack

Shipping and delivery. This Wurlitzer can be shipped to any address within the continental United States. Delivery is available to addresses within 250 miles of New York City for an additional fee. Or, pick up this item at our Tuckahoe, NY studio, 20 miles outside of NYC.

Questions about this keyboard? We are happy to answer any questions that you might have about this keyboard. Or, play it for yourself by making an appointment to stop by our Tuckahoe studio. Contact us at jon@tropicalfishvintage.com for details.

About this Wurlitzer

Notes on Condition

This Wurlitzer is in excellent condition. It arrived here originally as a Wurlitzer 206, mounted on a cabinet that looked just a good as the lid. We converted this keyboard to a Wurlitzer 200 on legs solely for the portability factor. The cabinet was in excellent condition, with tear-free and vibrantly colored tolex. It was still highly functional and an excellent example of a console-model Wurlitzer. For an idea on how it originally looked, here is a 206 from the same classroom batch in similar to condition to this one.

In its past life, this Wurlitzer was clearly played gently and spent a lot of time in climate-controlled, indoor storage. All signs indicate that it was kept away from excessive moisture and other extreme environmental conditions. The mechanical parts were in excellent condition and shows very few signs of wear. The regulation screws were sensitive to adjustment and held their place well during regulation. The result is a Wurlitzer that is highly touch-responsive and entirely original.

The Wurlitzer 206 self/ensemble switch, along with a closeup of the original amplifier. (That blue capacitor is one of the electrolytics that we replaced.)

The Wurlitzer 206 self/ensemble switch, along with a closeup of the original amplifier. (That blue capacitor is one of the electrolytics that we replaced.)

Cosmetics. The lid is in very good condition and shows only minimal fading. The vinyl decal strip that wraps around the keyboard is completely intact. The wooden exterior of the keybed shows only light scratches.

Mechanical parts. This Wurlitzer was very well cared-for during its lifetime, most of which was spent in a college classroom. It required only light adjustments to bring it back to optimal playability. Because this Wurlitzer was in such good condition, we opted to leave the internal components, including felts and wooden parts, original. The result is a keyboard that has both a comfortable vintage feel and is still exceptionally playable.

Electronics. This Wurlitzer contained an early 200 model amplifier with all original components. We found that some of the components had drifted in value and needed replacement, which is typical of vintage components. This was particularly true of the electrolytic capacitors, which should be replaced every twenty years. After routine servicing, the amplifier once again works correctly and is a fantastic example of vintage Wurlitzer tone.

Restoration Details

As with all of our vintage keyboards, this Wurlitzer has enjoyed extensive restoration, including:

Installation of authentic reproduction Wurlitzer 200 legs. As the 206 is simply a Wurlitzer 200 attached to a cabinet, converting a 206 to a 200 is easy and non-destructive. First, we remove every component from the keybed. From here, we are able to unscrew the keybed from the cabinet. We then add leg plates in the correct locations on the underside of the keybed, which we have learned by working with original 200 model Wurlitzers. Finally, the sustain pedal mounts to an existing hole in the bottom of the keyboard base.

The Wurlitzer 206-to-200 conversion listed here, shown with a  Wurlitzer 206 console  from the same batch.

The Wurlitzer 206-to-200 conversion listed here, shown with a Wurlitzer 206 console from the same batch.

Because this Wurlitzer is a rare early 206, there are no speakers in the cabinet. Instead, it has two 4x6” alnico speakers mounted on the amp rail - exactly like a Wurlitzer 200. This 206 is one of the few ever made that can be converted to a true Wurlitzer 200 without giving up its original speakers - or drilling holes in the lid to mount 200a-style speakers. The only electronics mod that was required for this keyboard was moving the power plug, originally mounted in the lower part of the cabinet, to an IEC plug in the back of the keybed, near the right hinge.

Conversion of the amplifier to full Wurlitzer 200 functionality. Because the 206 uses the same amplifier as the Wurlitzer 200, enabling the vibrato is as simple as adding a potentiometer. We have removed the self/ensemble switch and, in its place, installed a vibrato knob next to the volume knob. This gives the 206 vibrato without affecting the external appearance of the keyboard. Finally, we connected the aux output circuitry to a jack at the bottom of the keyboard, so that this Wurlitzer can be connected to an external amplifier or recorded direct. The final result is a student model that has graduated to become a Wurlitzer 200 in every respect.

Restoration of electronics. When we received the Wurlitzer, the amplifier was noisy and suffered from low volume. The Wurlitzer 200 is an extremely early solid state amplifier, and like any vintage amplifier, the electrolytic capacitors should be replaced. In this case, most of the electrolytics were visibly leaking and had definitely reached the end of their lifespan. We have replaced all deteriorated and out-of-spec components, so that the amplifier is now working as it should.

Regulation of mechanical parts. After lubricating the action centers, we corrected lost motion and adjusted let-off throughout the keyboard. Because this Wurlitzer had been stored in a climate-controlled area and used gently throughout its life, the capstan screws were in excellent condition, moved easily and held their place very well. This allowed us to make fine-tune adjustments for truly excellent feel and playability.

Exterior and interior cleaning. For the most thorough cleaning possible, we disassembled the keyboard in order to reach every crevice. Because 200-style Wurlitzers did not come with an exterior lid (as the 100-series Wurlitzers did) and usually have not been cleaned for decades, we often see large accumulations of dust in the keybed. This Wurlitzer was no different. We also cleaned and polished all of the metal key posts in order to promote unhindered movement of the keys.

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