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 Introducing the Vesper Amplifier

The Vesper is a hand-bent, hand-wired guitar amplifier with a vintage-inspired all-tube circuit. It delivers uncompromising tone in a compact, minimalist cabinet.


handmade Craftsmanship inside and out

Unlike any other guitar amplifier, the Vesper’s exterior was designed to complement the circuitry within. We begin with sheets of Baltic birch plywood which we steam-bend by hand in our workshop. The top layer is a sheet of either teak or walnut, hand-selected for the quality of its grain pattern. After 24 hours of shaping and assembly, the cabinets are hand-finished in warm, classic tones.

Vintage-Inspired All-Tube Circuit

The Vesper’s electronics were inspired by the sound of vintage circuits both classic and obscure. Our work on 1960s tube amplifiers - for guitar, piano, and hifi - provided the starting point for a circuit that combines timeless tone with modern-day reliability. The circuit is all-analog and completely hand-wired, resulting in a low-noise tube amplifier with authentic vintage warmth.

small cabinet. surprising power.

Although compact and lightweight enough for take-anywhere convenience, the Vesper’s two 7868 power tubes output more than enough volume to fill a room (or a venue). Their efficient push-pull configuration allows for accurate clean tones with all the warmth and character that is expected in a tube amplifier. The Vesper is the perfect combination of small size and serious power, giving it maximum versatility.


 Listen to the Vesper…



  • Hand-bent Baltic birch cabinet for superior tonal projection

  • Volume & Tone controls

  • Choose Tremolo (Speed and Depth) or Reverb (Mix and Dwell)

  • Jensen Alnico 10” speaker

  • High-end, modern audio-grade components

  • External speaker 1/4" jack or optional auxiliary output

  • Hi & Lo inputs

  • LED indicator lamp

  • Vesper Tremolo tube complement: (2) 7868, (1) 6CA4, (2) 12AX7

  • Vesper Reverb tube complement: (2) 7868, (1) 6CA4, (2) 12AX7, (1) 12AU7  

  • Original circuit design by Tropical Fish for a unique yet classically familiar tone

  • Dimensions - 14"h x 14"w x 9"


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We are currently accepting orders for the Vesper amplifier. Orders received before February 11 will be completed the week of February 18.


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