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Restored Wurlitzer 206 electronic pianos now available.

The Wurlitzer 206 has all the functionality of a classic 200-model Wurlitzer, but with a blonde top and optional console. We now have four in stock, all in excellent lightly-used condition. These keyboards are regulated, vibrato-enabled, and ready to play.


Choose one of these exceptional restored vintage keyboards

Each vintage keyboard has a truly unique voice of it’s own. Varying tone generators, hammer materials, articulation and amplifiers all contribute to a keyboard’s individual voice. When you buy a keyboard from Tropical Fish you can rest assured that you are getting a fully serviced and restored instrument.


Order your Vesper amplifier today.

The Vesper is a hand-wired tube amp with a classic tube sound and modern, minimalist styling. Both the circuit and the cabinet are handmade one by one in our New York studio. Surprisingly powerful for its size, the Vesper is perfect for the studio and venues large and small.

We are currently accepting orders for the Vesper amplifier. Because each amplifier is handmade, there is currently a three-week lead time.


Repair your vintage keyboard or amplifier

A vintage instrument or amplifier doesn’t have to be ‘quirky’. Originally professional vintage gear was built to be serviced. Over time circuit components dry up and begin to fail, and mechanical parts either become stiff or break. It is safe to say we have seen almost everything, so visit our repair page to see how we can help.



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Who is Tropical Fish?


We are vintage gear aficionados and have been buying and selling since 2011. We bought our first Wurlitzer 200 for our Tuckahoe, NY recording studio and haven't looked back.

Time does some crazy things to amps, circuits, and cabinets.  Instruments are not immune to time, but we can try to turn back the clock. We hunt for the tools that made glorious sounds from years gone by and making them musical once again.

We buy, sell, and trade vintage gear of all kinds. Do you have something we'd be interested in? Contact us to set up an appointment to stop by our shop. Or, if you can't stop by in person, we often are able to offer pickup and delivery.