From the Archives: Wurlitzer 200a


This is a classic example of a Wurlitzer 200a that we once had. We photographed it in front of a wall at the studio - actually, in the control room. (The “signal” stencil is a holdover from the building’s time as a Metro-North Railroad switching station.) The floor is very slanted so we got to use an underrated feature that all portable 200 models have: adjustable feet.

This is a great example of a 200a. (We actually say that about all Wurlitzers that still have their perimeter tape.) The wooden base has remarkably few scratches. There’s not a single cigarette burn on the ABS plastic top. The hinges and the flowerhead screws are rusty, but that just proves that it’s vintage.

Some features of a Wurlitzer 200a, as exemplified in these photos:

  • Chrome legs & music rack identical to a late-model 200.

  • Really nice bright keys! Whatever year this was, it was a very good vintage for plastic keycaps.

  • Large Wurlitzer logo on the back, making the 200a the most ostentatiously branded Wurlitzer electronic piano of all.

  • Speakers mounted on the lid with flowerhead screws.

  • Not pictured: re-designed amplifier with separate preamp mounted above the reed bar.


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