From the Archives: Wurlitzer 214

Wurlitzer 214 in Avocado green with gold hardware and wheels.

Wurlitzer 214 in Avocado green with gold hardware and wheels.

This Wurlitzer 214 that we once had is a classic example of 214 glory. The Avocado green top was in excellent condition and the tolex was all there without any tears. The wooden keybed has some “chair” nicks and the grill cloth had some stains, but no tears! Perhaps the most amazing feature of the 214 is that it is a complete 200 set on top of a console which houses four 8” round speakers. The four speakers - two in front and two in the back - project the Wurlitzer’s awesome tone in all directions!

One aspect of this Wurlitzer that needed repairs and restoration was the hammer and damper felts and the amplifier. As is common to 200 series consoles in storage, a mouse had made it’s way to the action assembly and pulled most of the felt from the middle register hammers and made a bed out it. This Wurlitzer needed some careful cleaning and replacement of deteriorated action parts. Though the amplifier was fully functional, the owner wanted the reassurance of a newly built replacement amp.

Some features of an Avocado Green Wurlitzer 214, as exemplified in these photos:

  • Gold toned hardware and wheels.

  • Light green tolex, Wheat grille cloth, pull out writing drawer

  • 200 style amplifier and complete 200 series action, reeds and harp.

  • Four 8” round speakers, two in front and two in the back

  • Wheels - which make it incredibly easy to move and reposition an otherwise heavy console.


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