Wurlitzer 200 series metal feet

Wurlitzer 200 series metal feet


These metal feet will fit perfectly on the bottom of your Wurlitzer 200 or 200A legs.  These replacement feet are perfect if your Wurlitzer 200 feet are excessively rusted, broken or missing. Wurlitzer 200 as well as early 200a legs have a 5/8” width at the narrowest point (where these feet attach). Later 200a will have a 3/4” width at the narrowest point.  Be sure to double check and measure your Wurlitzer’s legs prior to ordering. 

Sold individually.

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The material of the very bottom of the feet may vary between plastic bottom or metal bottom. If you have a preference please email us prior to ordering to check what we have in stock.

Installation suggestions. To remove old feet place a blunt flat head screwdriver or chisel at the top of the foot collar and tap repeatedly with a hammer. Excessively rusted feet may be more difficult to remove so patience and caution go a long way here.

To install new feet, place foot on narrow end of leg and tap gently with a hammer until the foot is fully in place.  A wooden hammer is preferable, or use a block of wood between the hammer and the foot to prevent damage to the foot.