Wurlitzer 140b


The 140b is at the midpoint of Wurlitzer's electronic piano production: a stepping stone from the vintage tone of the 100-series to the more reliable modern electronics of the 200-series. The mechanical parts are easier to work with. It has updated, 200-style reeds. It has a transistor amplifier like the 200, but an early one, with germanium power transistors and neon bulb vibrato. If you're unfamiliar with the sound, check it out here - this video is of a 726, but that's essentially a 140b in a wooden case. 

The 140b you see above was a pleasure to work with. It was in fantastic condition: we purchased it from the original owner, who kept it in her home and clearly took excellent care of it. The metal parts were shiny; it had no grime or dust anywhere. The matching pedal was intact and the music rack was present. It still had all of its latches: a real miracle. Click through the gallery to see all of the details. 

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