Wurlitzer 200 Circuit Board

We have a few Wurlitzer 200 circuit boards that we use for parts. Most of repairing vintage equipment is maintaining a large hoard. Just because a component is obsolete doesn't mean it's useless: a lot of old transistors and diodes are both absolutely necessary and hard to source. We do our best to keep a surplus when possible. 

These circuit boards are from a transitional period when solid-state devices were just starting to shrink in size. A lot of these capacitors have equivalents today that are minutely small. But check out the circuit boards of even the previous generation of Wurlitzers, with all those thumb-size capacitors, and even these components seem microscopic in comparison. Circuit boards like these are a snapshot of technology, freezing a moment of rapid new development. 

Check out our gallery of Wurlitzer 200 circuit board portraits below (keeping in mind that some parts are missing or broken). If you're interested in seeing the Wurlitzer that uses a board like this, check out our 203 here. 

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