New photos of the live room!


We recently added a few more books to the live room at the studio, so we decided that it was a good time to take new photos.

The bookshelves have built-in acoustic panels, and the books themselves act a bit like diffusers. The floor and ceiling are acoustically treated as well. Above all, we wanted the live room to be a private space that invites focus and creative thought.

We have a lot of gear stashed around the studio, but we took most of it out for the photos. We did leave these two 206 model Wurlitzers in the room. They are so early that the cabinet has no handholds, so they’re pretty awkward to carry…and anyway they match the walls.


The building was previously a Metro-North railroad switching station for the commuter line that runs from Grand Central to Westchester county. Before the building was renovated a few years ago, it was filled with all kinds of very large and obsolete machines. This concrete nook was probably for mounting some piece of equipment. We use it as a bench.


More information about recording at our studio can be found here.

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