Choose the Right Wurlitzer Model with our Quick Guide to Wurlitzers!


Having trouble deciding which Wurlitzer model is right for you? Take a look at our handy infographic!

This infographic is an at-a-glance guide to the features of common Wurlitzer models. All models of Wurlitzers are excellent instruments, and with the right restoration any one of them can become a functional, professional piece of gear. However, all Wurlitzers were manufactured 40+ years ago, at a time when standards for recording were much different. And, anyway, professional musicians weren’t necessarily the most lucrative target audience: that would be schools, who bought keyboards six at a time. So, some features that would be standard today - such as an aux output - are absent from many models.

Because of the inconsistency of features found across models, we created this infographic as a resource for comparing different Wurlitzer keyboards. There are over 20 different models of Wurlitzer, manufactured over a 30-year span, designed for markets as diverse as elementary school kids and touring musicians. We listed all the features that are most important to our customers - portability, outputs, amp features, and mechanical action styles - and put them in a convenient chart that is useful for anyone that is considering adding a vintage Wurlitzer to their studio.

Disappointed that this chart only tracks nine Wurlitzer features, and not nine hundred? Lucky you! Click here for an addendum where we go into even more excruciating detail about Wurlitzer features.

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