From the Archives: Wurlitzer 200


We have a soft spot for the 200, because it was our first Wurlitzer electronic piano. Our favorite Wurlitzer model changes from minute to minute, but the 200 always has a strong case. It’s the final iteration, sleek and stripped-down - not an inch of wasted space - with features that have been arguably perfected from the previous versions. Electronically, though, it’s still ancient technology. It’s rough around the edges. The 200a was a necessary upgrade - but that doesn’t mean that we have to like it better.

We had this 200 a while ago. (That white brick wall was a favorite photo spot, but it’s actually gone now, too.) It’s a pretty representative example of a 200, and it’s in pretty great condition. The wooden base has a couple of deep scratches, but that’s okay with us. The left cheek block has a melted spot, right in the front center. That’s a high level of skill in cigarette balancing. Best of all, the black tape in the metal channel on the lid is all present. That’s one of our favorite details.

Other features of this Wurlitzer:

  • Straight chrome legs & wide-spaced music rack indicate that this is a mid- to late-release 200.

  • The faceplate has a brushed - not polished - finish, so you’ll have to use the selfie feature of your phone to check your hair.

  • Not pictured: alnico speakers. (Because it’s a 200, they’re mounted to the amp rail, not the lid.)

  • Volume & vibrato. (Of course.)


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