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From the Archives: Wurlitzer 206 Student Electronic Pianos

These photos are from a batch of four student model Wurlitzers that we recently picked up. All arrived in amazing condition, with very few rips or scuffs and immaculately clean interiors. With just a little restoration, they became excellent and highly playable examples of early 200 Wurlitzers. Only one is still available.

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From the Archives: Wurlitzer 200

We have a soft spot for the 200, because it was our first Wurlitzer electronic piano. Our favorite Wurlitzer model changes from minute to minute, but the 200 always has a strong case. It’s the final iteration, sleek and stripped-down - not an inch of wasted space - with features that have been arguably perfected from the previous versions. Electronically, though, it’s still ancient technology. It’s rough around the edges. The 200a was a necessary upgrade - but that doesn’t mean that we have to like it better.

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How Many Wurlitzers Should I Have?

This may sound crazy, but if you can’t decide which model of Wurlitzer is right for you, you may need two Wurlitzers. All Wurlitzer models have subtle differences between them, from the amp to the reeds to the feel of the keyboard. In some respects, these differences can make two Wurlitzers of different models sound like two totally different instruments. In order to achieve all of the tonal possibly a Wurlitzer can offer, you may need two Wurlitzers.

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