Why Your Wurlitzer 206 Electronic Piano is a Shock Hazard (And How to Fix It)

Cutting all of the wires connecting the two ports in the cabinet of the Wurlitzer makes the keyboard safer. The Wurlitzer must be unplugged before you do this, and you must be careful not to cut any of the mains wiring that is routed into the center of the keyboard.

In the classroom, multiple student-model Wurlitzers were connected to each other via the two ports on the back. This connection allowed each Wurlitzer to communicate with the teacher console. It also linked each Wurlitzer to the mains wiring so that they could power on in the first place.

Inside the Wurlitzer, the wiring for the right port (assuming that the front of the Wurlitzer is facing you) branches off in two directions: up into the keyboard through a hole in the center, and also across the cabinet to connect to the left port. Since all the Wurlitzers in the classroom were meant to connect in a circle, this design is fine for its original purpose. However, if the Wurlitzer is being used as a stand-alone keyboard, the left port will be empty. This is hazardous because, with nothing plugged into the right port, it has exposed metal contacts carrying mains voltage. Touching this port is pretty much like sticking your fingers into a wall outlet.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix: just cut the wires connecting the right port to the left port. Here's how you do it:

  1. Turn off and unplug the Wurlitzer. The Wurlitzer MUST be unplugged before you proceed. Otherwise you will get shocked.

  2. Remove the front baffle of the cabinet.

  3. This is a great time to confirm that the Wurlitzer is unplugged.

  4. Using wire cutters, cut all of the wires connecting the two ports. Cut them completely out of the Wurlitzer, as close to the lugs on the ports as possible. None of these wires are necessary, because in order to function they require another Wurlitzer set up in classroom configuration.

Another great mod for your Wurlitzer 206: adding vibrato and an aux output.

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Paulina Salmas