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What keyboard amp should I choose?

If you are psyched about your new keyboard or synth and need a way to amplify it other than going direct to a PA, there are options for you! Amplifiers come in many shapes and sizes and have varying features. If this is the first (or only) amp you are purchasing for your keyboard, it is first a good idea to decide what your needs are and what you will be using it for most.  

Here are some uses you might have for a keyboard amplifier.  

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In Restoration: Four 206 model Wurlitzers

We are extra-excited about this group of four Wurlitzer 200 student pianos because they are clearly of an early manufacture. Three of them had original music racks with the closely-spaced metal bars, which are incredibly rare. Even aside from that great detail, however, all of the keyboards were in great shape. They had clearly been used only lightly and had been stored in a clean, low-humidity area.

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The Wurlitzer 112, Explained

The Wurlitzer 112 was released in 1955. Excluding some prototypes, it is the first Wurlitzer electronic piano. 

As the first of it's kind, the 112 has a lot of interesting features that were phased out in later iterations of Wurlitzer keyboards. First, the pedal is mounted to the side, rather than the bottom. By 1956, even the revised Wurlitzer 112A had a bottom-mounted pedal. Surviving original 112 pedals have become extremely rare. 

The 112 also has a unique silhouette: slightly deeper and taller than later Wurlitzers. A vintage keyboard is never going to fade into the wallpaper, but the 112 has a clear presence in a room. Between its size, speckled paint, and midcentury lines, this is definitely a statement piece. 

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