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Techniques for Recording a Wurlitzer Electronic Keyboard

The Wurlitzer electronic keyboard was first commercially released by Wurlitzer in 1955 as a convenient (and potentially silent) tool to practice and study piano.  But, almost immediately after its release, the instrument was discovered by professional musical talent such as Ray Charles and found its way to stages and recording studios. Because of the instrument’s unmistakably unique and warm tone and numerous practical advantages, it was a solid choice for recording artists from the very beginning. 

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Do I need a preamp for recording my synth?

Short answer- ‘need’ is a strong word, but your synth tracks would certainly benefit greatly from a preamp.  Simply put, adding a preamp to your synth lines will make them come through a little stronger and have more impact on the mix.  Any preamp, whether they be solid state or tube are designed to make your signal louder.

We have done some A/B testing with one of our favorite analog synths, the Korg Minilogue, and found that a preamp or external tube amp helps the synth to stand out.  It goes without saying that you will be using a wide range of synth voices so where and when a preamp adds the most will vary. 

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