Why our 145 Chassis is Bigger and Better…Than the Original

Originally, Wurlitzer built amplifier chassis just big enough to fit the components they needed. This left some interior cabinet space unused. There is nothing wrong with this design choice, but there is a lot of interior cabinet space that can be utilized should one (like, say, us) were to design a brand new replacement amplifier to go inside the Wurlitzer.

In modifying the chassis design, we have kept the same width, so the amp can easily be extracted and placed back in the cabinet and not get caught on the dampers. We have increased the height ever so slightly, and increased the length by at least 1.75”. The interior of the wurlitzer is not missing this space: there is still plenty of cool airflow surrounding the tubes.

By increasing the size of the chassis, we get a bit more space to fit premium components inside the chassis. We provide four 1/2” wood screws with washers to mount the new chassis holes which go completely unnoticed from the Wurlitzer’s exterior as they are concealed within the enclosed cabinet.

We offer three options for our rebuilt 145 tube amplifier, each of which offer differences in the inputs and outputs. All versions of our amplifier include tube tremolo, volume control and a power switch located in the back on the chassis which significantly cuts down on noise. The basic amp inlcudes a 1/4” speaker output. The Aux out model includes a preamp aux line level output. The FX loop version includes an FX Send (which can be used in the same way as a preamp Aux out), a Send Level and a FX Return.

The secret benefit of the FX Loop version is you can plug a guitar into the Return and use the amplifier as a guitar amp with Tremolo.

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