From the Archives: Wurlitzer 206 Student Electronic Pianos

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These photos are from a batch of four student model Wurlitzers that we recently picked up. All arrived in amazing condition, with very few rips or scuffs and immaculately clean interiors. With just a little restoration, they became excellent and highly playable examples of early 200 Wurlitzers. Only one is still available.

The speaker-less cabinet is an immediate indicator of these Wurlitzers’ age. Very early 200 models had no speakers in the cabinet. Instead, the speakers were mounted on the amp rail, like a conventional Wurlitzer 200. If you remove the front baffle, it is actually empty, apart from the wires that connected one student model to another. Date stamps indicate that these Wurlitzers were manufactured in the fall of 1969.

We converted this one to a portable 200 by removing the bottom cabinet. This is a rare conversion because we were able to keep the original speakers (which were, of course, already present). Usually conversions require installing new speakers.

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